Many of the packaging are made of glass or acrylic?

Many of the packaging are made of glass or acrylic. However, in recent years, we have found more and more cosmetic brands on the market using pet lotion bottles.

So why is pet lotion packaging so popular? First of all, the glass or acrylic lotion bottle is too heavy, and the weight is not conducive to carrying out. As the young people travel more, the pet lotion bottle package is more convenient to carry. It is also more portable. Secondly, with the rise of online shopping, lotion bottles often break and other conditions during transportation, while pet lotion bottles are shatter-resistant, and collisions and extrusions during transportation will not cause problems such as breakage and leakage.

Once again, pet lotion bottle packaging is relatively simple to produce and low in cost, so it is also popular. What issues should I pay attention to when packaging? The first is whether the material is a new material. Some plastic blow molding manufacturers will use the secondary material to process the pet lotion bottle, which obviously affects the quality of the emulsion. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the raw materials produced by the lotion bottle manufacturers. At the second price, the lotion bottles are used in large quantities, so you need to control the cost as much as possible when ordering. Therefore, in the procurement process, we should try our best to compare prices. The third is the stability of the supply of the emulsion bottle packaging manufacturers, and the timely delivery is also crucial for the late stage of the emulsion manufacturer. . In general, pet lotion packaging has many advantages and has strong development potential and competitiveness in the market.

Post time: Sep-15-2020