The role of cosmeceutical brand moisturizing spray

The role of cosmeceutical brand moisturizing spray is to soothe and enhance skin’s immunity and its repairing effect. When sensitive muscles are not sensitive, daily care uses a calming and moisturizing and soothing spray, such as containing chamomile. There are many moisturizing sprays that are pure mineral water. Such sprays have no moisturizing effect. But this type of spray has the advantage of being mild and non-irritating. Since no other ingredients are added, this type of spray has no requirements on the user’s skin. For sensitive skin and acne skin, this spray is definitely the first choice.
However, this type of spray only has the function of hydrating, it will quickly provide moisture to the epidermis layer, but our skin is very smart, this moisture will only fill the skin instantly, but the moisture will soon evaporate or be discharged by the skin. So is this kind of spray useless? Actually not, the correct way to open this type of spray is to apply a moisturizing lotion or cream after use to allow the subsequent steps to lock in moisture.
The moisturizing spray is not exclusive to the beauty of the skin. The makeup paper can also be used. After applying makeup at a distance of 25-30 centimeters from the face, spray it evenly on the head, which can play a role in setting makeup and moisturizing.
Of course, what you need to buy is a product with a fine spray. The kind of natural spouting like a fountain is destructive to makeup.

Post time: Jan-20-2021