The correct use of a cosmetic packaging color

The correct use of a cosmetic packaging color can produce a variety of impressions of cuteness, maturity, enthusiasm, sensuality, stability, refreshment, and strength. Defining the positioning of the product and making the correct color choices will produce the psychological effect expected by the merchant in the mind of the consumer.
Selection of container materials and use of printing technology. This is due to technical considerations. Different materials have different degrees of color realization. For example, plastic materials are not only easy to shape, but also can exhibit any color, and can make pearlescent, colored, magnetic white, transparent and other effects. Another example: when the high temperature ink screen printing of the glass bottle is not easy to decolorize, the color is dull, and the color is brighter when the low temperature ink screen printing is used. Therefore, for the color selection of the container, not only the visual experience but also the achievability of the technology should be considered.
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container surface decoration design. The decoration of the surface of the container is usually in the form of texture and pattern. The texture usually fills the entire surface of the container, and the texture can also be composed of text, which adorns the product itself and reinforces the brand. The pattern will appear selectively in the container, and more attention to the composition effect. Patterns can be expressed in a variety of ways, and can be a form of aesthetically pleasing lines that are usually feminine and appear with text. The pattern can also be a form of graffiti that is both personalized and stylish. The pattern can also be in the form of a color block, and the shape of the color block can be regular or random, which is closely related to the quality of the product expressed by the product.
bottles of stickers design. Bottle stickers are often found on plastic, metal, and glass bottles, which are rare on paper packaging. The bottle stickers are similar in design to the surface decoration design of the container. They will arrange some textures, patterns, images and other elements, but the most important thing about bottle labeling is the communication of brand and product information, because the bottle is loaded on the bottle. The text content, so the design of the bottle is more focused on the typesetting effect.
It should be pointed out that most cosmetics with bottle stickers usually have a front bottle and a back bottle. The back bottle is usually only a large number of explanatory texts. The form is relatively simple, as long as it is consistent with the front bottle. The front bottle is labeled with the brand name, the product name, the brief description of the product, and the contents of the logo, the raw material image, the decorative image, etc., and all the above elements should be included in a harmonious form.
Cosmetic packaging design is an orderly and systematic process. The clear positioning of the brand and the appeal of the brand concept should be the design premise that the designer should first grasp. In the specific in-depth design, the container type, color, surface decoration and bottle stickers should be fully considered and Refined and ultimately achieves the perfect packaging design.

Post time: Jan-28-2021