New Arrival airless bottle–Why go airless for your cosmetic packaging?

Airless pump bottles protect sensitive products such as natural skin care creams, serums, foundations, and other preservative-free formula creams by preventing them from excessive exposure to air, thus increase product shelf life up to 15% more. This makes airless technology become the new future of beauty, medical, and cosmetic packaging.

The airless bottle does not have a dip tube, but rather a diaphragm that rises to dispense the product. When user depresses the pump, it creates a vacuum effect, drawing the product upwards. Consumers can use nearly all of the product without any waste left and they won’t have to worry about the fuss that usually comes with the standard pump and cosmetic packaging.

In addition to protecting your formula and increasing its shelf life, airless bottles also provide a branding benefit. It is a high-end packaging solution that comes with various designs to meet your aesthetic positioning.

   Packaging is a key element in the cosmetics and perfume industry. Packaging in these industries is not only related to safety and protection, but also related to ensuring that products remain in their best condition during transportation and storage. The increasing importance of personal grooming, coupled with the growing needs of millennials, has forced many luxury perfume companies to cater to the needs of the local market. For example, All Good Scents, a luxury perfume company based in Ahmedabad, was founded in 2014. The company introduced its luxury goods to the local market and recorded a 40% chain-over-average sales growth in 2016.

 In the United States, the increasing popularity of advanced cosmetic packaging technology and the growth trend of skin care products are some of the important factors driving market growth. Nail care and perfume products seem to be the biggest concerns of consumers and retailers in the country. Due to the growing demand for cosmetics, many cosmetics suppliers are also adopting and innovating smart glass packaging solutions to improve customer benefits and improve product safety.


Post time: Sep-11-2020