After filling the cosmetic product into the bottle

After filling the cosmetic product into the bottle, the gas will be pumped out through the machine to make the bacteria lose the hotbed of survival. However, whether or not bacteria enters depends on the manufacturing process of the cosmetics and the preservation status during use. The process of making cosmetics is not a vacuum environment, so the purchase of regular qualified cosmetics can ensure hygiene and safety. In order to avoid bacterial growth during use, preservatives are added to the ingredients, but they will deteriorate if not properly preserved.

Cosmetics contaminated with bacteria are as terrible as expired cosmetics, which can lead to long acne, but also cause suppuration and infection, especially for sensitive skin. When the cosmetics start to turn yellow or the smell becomes pungent, it means that the product has begun to deteriorate and can no longer be used.
After vacuuming, the oxygen in the bottle is reduced, which prevents oxidation of the components, stabilizes the activity of the components, and inhibits the survival of the microorganisms, thereby prolonging the storage time. However, the skin care product is a liquid, and it is impossible to completely evacuate like a solid, so the extended storage time is limited.
Unfortunately, most packages that look sealed are not vacuumed. Judging whether it is a vacuum bottle, just look at the pores at the bottom of the bottle, yes, yes, no. After covering the bottom hole of the bottle, the bottle pump cannot be squeezed. Most sealed packages are designed to remove excess air after production and are not really vacuumed. Our common spray is a design that uses nitrogen to pressurize the bottle, nor is it vacuum.
The “compression pump” is not the basis for judging whether or not the vacuum is present. Whether or not there is a vent at the bottom of the bottle is the key. If there is no air hole, it is a general compression pump design, just to squeeze the liquid out by pressure. Another “sterile cabin” design claims to be safer than vacuum, which is the hose and special cap design. This design shows that the bottle of the hose is gradually flattened after use. When using extrusion, it does not allow the emulsion to flow back because it does not pump air, which prevents contamination.

Post time: Jan-20-2021